Superior Equine Super Pro


The Super Pro is a complete feed dedicated to the performance horse. It is a high fat, high fiber, and controlled starch. 


High fiber diets are not necessarily new. Traditionally, when you would have a high fiber diet with a low starch, you would sacrifice calories because high fiber ingredients are naturally lower in calories. Superior Equine was able to use quality fiber ingredients, veg oil, and stabilized rice bran to make up for those calories normally sacrificed in high fiber diets. 


Even by using high quality fiber ingredients, high fiber feeds are still going to have fewer calories than grain diets. By adding fat to a horse's diet, we are able to supplement those lost calories. By using stabilized rice bran and veg oil, we are able to maximize the potential of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.


Fat is a potent source of calories and is easily digested making it extremely beneficial in the diets of horses with high energy demands. The Super Pro contains no corn and no oats. Where we used to rely on oats and corn to provide energy, we now can substitute a portion with fat which in turn can reduce the risk of metabolic disturbances commonly associated with feeding large amounts of high-starch grains. Along with its use as an energy source, research shows that high fat diets may also have other benefits. Feeding performance horses a high fat diet can increase stamina and help to prevent from overheating in the summer months. High fat diets supply the horse with usable energy without causing them to become "high-headed" as seen with traditional grain mixes that have no fat added. 

Price: $20.00 per bag
Bulk Discount: $750 per ton 
Net Weight: 50lbs